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Water Jet


FLOW Machine


Our 60,000 PSI Water Jet (about 200 times more pressure than a fire hose) is traveling at 3 times the speed of sound. Our Water Jet is capable of cutting curves and intricate designs in not only stone products  but also Metals, Glass, Plastic and Foam Type products up to 6" thick.  With a powerful stream of water and Garnet abrasive, the machine cuts without heat and undue pressure on the material being cut and leaves clean edges. 





         We use the Water Jet for cutting:

  • Sink and faucet holes on stone counters
  • Inlays for logos & others designs
  • Stone Medallions
  • Stencils made from wood, metal and plastic
  • Glass designs for partitions
  • Stone switch plate covers
  • Stone heater vent covers
  • Signs using all types of materials
  • Metal designs
  • Wood templates for curves and sinks
  • Corrugated metal panels

If you can bring it to us without breaking it, chances are we can cut it!